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Canon Printer Drivers – ij.start.cannon | ij start canon printer setup

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Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Drivers is software that acts as an interface, connecting both your computer device and printing device. Drivers convert the data into a well-recognized and understandable language for both devices. In other terms, it can be said that the driver is the one that is carried out the complete printing cycle. As the Canon printer drivers play a significant role in the printing process, it becomes necessary to download and install them on your device. To get complete knowledge about the process, go through the steps that are given below.

Points To Take Into Account Before You Download Canon Printer Drivers From ij.start.cannon

Before you download Canon Printer Drivers from http//ij.start.cannon and start cannon printer drivers installation process, there are some points you should take into account. By fulfilling these criteria, your process will become smoother and more efficient.

  • Complete the printer setup and build a steady network connection.
  • Don’t forget to switch on the printer.
  • Uninstall all drivers you have currently installed on your device.
  • Both your computing device as well as printer must be connected with the one internet connection.
  • You need to sign into your device as an administrator.

Complete Guide to Download Canon Printer Drivers

The importance and role played by Canon Printer Drivers in the printing process of your valuable documents make it necessary to get downloaded and installed on your device. The downloading process of Canon printer drivers is pretty easy to get perform. However, we are here to guide you through the complete process to make it error-free for you. Given below are the process that will help you throughout the whole process:

  1. Start cannon printer driver’s downloading process by accessing a reliable web browser of your device.
  2. Now, fill in the http//ij.start.cannon URL into your address bar and press the enter button on our keyboard that will redirect you to the home page of the canon printer drivers. 
  3. After you get to the webpage of ij.start.cannon click on the “Setup” tab, which opens up on your computer screen.
  4. Now, in the next window that you will be prompted to, you have to write down the name of your model of Canon printer inside the search field. It will get you to your particular product window and make the download link of your product available for you.
  5. You can also go with another searching method for your product model. This asks you to pick the initial name then selecting your model number. 
  6. Hereafter, you need to make yourself assured by checking that you select the appropriate operating system. If you want to switch the default operating system that is already selected to the one that you require, click on the button and select the OS as per your need. The selected OS should be the one on which you are downloading and installing the driver. 
  7. Once you get finished with the process of making a selection for your driver and OS, scroll a little, and you will see the “Download” link. 
  8. Finally, click on the tab to start cannon printer driver downloading. As you press the download link tab, you notice the file gets starts downloading at the very moment. The downloading will take a few minutes to get completed based on the pace of your internet.
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By executing the aforementioned steps, you can easily able to download the Canon printer setup file. Though, there are some other ways too, such as either you can download the setup file via “http//ij.start.cannon” or from the CD device.

Simple And Useful Steps To Install Printer Driver

You have to follow the given steps for the installation of Canon printer drivers. To luxuriate the hassle-free process, every step must be carefully noticed and followed.

  1. Initiate the procedure by starting the printer driver folder. You need to check the downloaded file in the default folder. Double click on the file that will pop up the installation wizard on your device screen.
  2. After that, you need to give access to the application to operate on your device. Next, you will receive a popup box inquire you to perform the modifications. Click the yes option and allow the application.
  3. Before starting the method, Mac users need to verify the process. For confirmation, they require to enter their username and password and click on the install assistant option. If you are a windows user, then you must skip this step.
  4. Now, the installation window will appear. On the primary screen, you have to click on the Next button. Along with that, it also allows you to modify the wizard language. Get suitable corrections as per your preference.
  5. You may be required to select the country where you are residing. Select to proceed.
  6. In addition, you will find the list of software, which you can download as it seems a part of your printer driver. Review the list and decide on the Canon printer software you want to download to your device. Checkboxes are given next to every software. Mark the checkbox and click the Next button.
  7. Afterward, you will need to make a connection between your device and the printing machine. There are several techniques available to do this. You can take a USB cable and get one end attached to the printer and the other one to the system. A different way is to opt for a broadcast connection. To get to know the process better, click the help button and get directions.
  8. Consequently, you are required to admit and consent to the terms of the License Contract. The Agreement shall include all the terms and conditions under that you are agreeing to be bound.
  9. Besides, the Extended Survey will arrive. You can accept it or not and agree to it. Depending on your preference, click on the tab and proceed. 
  10. Now the installation will get started. The entire installation process requires a time of one minute or two. You are advised to hold back and not shut any window till the completion of the process. 
  11. Once the installation gets done, Canon will command you to perform the printing inspection. You can skip this by pressing “Next” if you don’t want to because you are not obliged to perform so. But, if you are intended to do so, then you can click on the “Execute”.
  12. Press “Exit” in the terminal window including an end message. Finally, you are ended with the installation.
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Issues You May Face And Techniques To Solve These Issues

It’s not an easy procedure to download and install canon printer drivers. You will need to go through several steps and methods to begin your printing. If you are installing your printer or connecting it to a system at the time of fixing a printer, then you may encounter errors that will bother you. Though, it is usual to acquire these errors. You just require fixing them as soon as possible and moving on.

You must check out the information below to learn more regarding the errors you may encounter to learn how you can make them. Some frequent errors are mentioned along with their troubleshooting. We have strived to give the simplest and easiest steps to fix the issues.

Error 1: Network Connectivity

It is an extremely reported error. Many times, when you attach your canon printer to the web connection, you face many errors. It is usually inefficient to detect and locate your printer on the chosen internet. To try and fix the problem, you must-

  • Check the wires you have plugged in. They should be attached securely.
  • Adjust the settings, then go back to default and attempt again.
  • Try utilizing other accessible techniques to set the connection.
  • Reset your router. Switching it off and on can help you to fix the problem.

Error 2: Blank Display

Even after turning it on, if you still facing the issue of a blank display, then you need to plug out the power chord from the printer by turning off the switch button. After a gap of one or two minutes, you have to plug it again and switch it on. Now, press the power button.

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Error 3: Printer Driver Installation Issue

If you are facing the same problem, you should check the printer driver that you have downloaded. The installation file must be compatible with your working system, and your device must be compatible with each system requirement, so the printer driver setup file must be for your design of the printer. If you downloaded the exact file and yet facing the problem, then:

  • You should again download the printer driver from ij.start.cannon.
  • Uninstall the IJ Network gadget from your device.
  • You should exclude all Canon printer drivers, which are installed on your device.