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Canon Pixma MX492 Printer Setup & Installation Guide

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Canon Pixma MX492 Printer Setup

Canon Pixma mx492 Printer is an avant-garde, compactly composed Inkjet multi-faceted unit. This exceptional Printing Machine is a handy and sturdy device packed with some amazing feature that promotes the finest experience of the class Printing. It is lauded around the world for its superior quality results. You can make use of all its phenomenal characteristics with the aid of the easy, user-friendly process of canon Pixma mx492 Printer Setup. Additionally, this canon mx492 printer is outfitted with adjustable link congeniality. To put it another way, we can say that one can easily use it not only with Mac/Windows Devices, Desktops, and Laptops but also with Tablets and Smartphones. Furthermore, it also provides many different choices in terms of Size of Print. Beyond all, it arrives with automatic features like an automatic document feeder, colossal ink cartridge size, quiet mode, cloud functionality scanning, and an auto-scan for exceptional user experience.

How to do Printer Setup For Canon MX492?

The procedure and steps needed in operating the Canon Pixma mx492 Setup are unusually easy, user-friendly, and straightforward. For starting this process, you will need to first start with fixing up your Printer’s Hardware. Due to the delicacy and sensitivity of these printing machines, it is necessary to perform this aspect with maximum caution. Or else you will wind up breaking the parts of the Printer. Once the Setting up process is done, you need to configure it correctly. This includes getting your Printer connecting to the Internet Network same by which you also hooked your Computer. Moreover, you will require a detailed kit of canon mx492 driver Software for performing the roles of your outstanding Printer. To put it another way, you have to download and install the same for proper continuous functioning.

Canon MX492 Printer Setup Hardware Preparation

  1. First and foremost, you have to search for the safest place to put your multifunctional Canon Pixma mx492. The surface must need to be flat, so your Pixma mx492 should be paced evenly on the surface and lower the risk of any damage. Also, the place should hold a secure “Power Source” like Wall Outlet as well as it must also receive high signals of your Router so your connection will not get interrupted.
  2. When you able to find a suitable place that fits all the above-mentioned requirements, place your Canon mx492 there on a table or some flat surface.
  3. Now, start unboxing your Pixma mx492 printer cautiously. To put it in other words, take out the printer from the protecting box. Then, unpack all the stuff that is used in its packaging.
  4. After this, you need to take off all the plastic tapes from various parts of the printer with proper caution to save the printer from any damage. These tapes are stick on different sensitive parts of your printer for their protection.
  5. Similar to any other electronic equipment, Canon Printers also need a Power source that is stable to operate its functions. For this, you need to attach the printer to a safe and consecutive power source such as a Wall Outlet. Use the Power Cable that goes along with your printer for building a connection. 
  6. Now, you need to turn on the Power Source before moving extra. For this, switch on the Canon MX492 for Printer Setup by locating the “Power” button of the Printer and pressing it. Consequently, the relative “Power Lamp” should lighten up. Also, confirm that this Power Lamp is steady and green in colour.
  7. Blinking or orange/red light indicates that the Power supply of your Pixma mx492 is not proper. In this situation, look over that the Power Cable ends aren’t loosened or damage. You can also try unplugging the power cable and then plugging it again. Make sure that your Wall Outlet is working accurately and there is no Power Cut. Please use some other “Power Cable” and “Power Source” if possible.
  8. Apart from all this, your Printer will also require a “Paper Tray” for Pixma mx492 Printer Setup, which should be well installed. Therefore, do this cautiously. In addition to this, you must also have to load it accurately with the approved variety of Paper Sheets.
  9. Aside from that, your Canon Pixma mx492 Printer also requires a particularized variety of colours and Black & White Ink. You must correctly install the needed Ink Cartridges in their exact place.
  10. With all these steps that are mentioned above, your Printer starts the Initialization and Alignment process for Canon Pixma mx492 Printer Setup. Hence, you will hold on for it. 
  11. Next to this, you need to undergo its Setup Guide. Hence, visit the Printers Control Panel. Then, rightly choose your “Date”, “Time”, “Display Language”, “Country/ Region”, and “Access Security Measures (PIN)”.
  12. Lastly, end the Setup Guide by picking the “End” option and move with the canon pixma mx492 Printer Setup. 
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Canon MX492 Printer Setup Network Configuration

  1. Start the network configuration procedure by making sure that your printer is turned on. So, review its Power lamp option. It should present a green steady light. Though, if it is not, next, properly connect the printer to a steady power source. Next, hold the power button.
  2. Then, glance at the Control Panel of the printer. Find its Setup tab. Then, hold it.
  3. Consequently, the computer screen will get your setup list.
  4. Here, you should use the navigation keys provided to find the button that states wireless LAN Setup. Click on it.
  5. Next, press the Ok button.
  1. Beneath the drop box of “Wireless LAN Setup”, select the option that shows “Other Setup”.
  2. Next, hit “OK”.
  3. Finally, pick the option that shows “Cable less Setup” . Next, hit “OK”.
  4. Hold for a while till the connection does not get set up between your Printer and your Home Network.
  5. The Configuration process once gets terminated successfully, move with the Canon Pixma mx492 Printer Setup

Driver Package Setting Up For Canon MX492

The last step of the Canon MX492 printer installation is important. Consequently, you should go through the process carefully without fail. Though, the process is very easy. Entirely you have to perform is find the accurate set of canon mx492 driver packs for the printer setup on Canon’s official website. So, you have to access canon.com/ijsetup that will lead you in the whole process in the easiest attainable process. In addition to your printer’s model number, you should consider your computer’s OS in finding software.

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The resulting webpage will give you a dedicated and reliable link to download the wanted canon mx492 driver software. So, easily click on the download button will start the downloading procedure. To proceed, you should wait for the successful completion of downloading procedure.

Next, you have to set up the download canon mx492 driver pack along with complete care. To start this procedure for Canon MX492 printer installation, search for the downloaded software on your device. Most likely, you can get it in your device’s default download place, i.e., the downloads’ folder. As soon as you double-click on the link, the installation wizard will emerge on your computer screen. In the initial window, there is a safety prompt for system confirmation. Therefore, choose run. Next, click the yes button on the next click on the User Account Control window. Subsequently, tap on the language option to select your suitable language from the extended list. Following, click on the Next button. Thereafter, proceed with the remaining steps by following all the on-screen guidelines. When the Canon MX492 installation process is finished, then click on the exit to quit the installer.