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Canon Pixma TS3122 is a new Inkjet multipurpose Printer that is small in size yet robust. This remarkably flexible device that holds a lot of features and comes in a highly affordable is a powerful wireless printing device. Despite all this, this state-of-the-art printing machine is inefficient without an easy setup process on “ij.start.canon TS3122”. That avant-garde Printer system expedites wireless setup. The process is free of hassle and doesn’t need much time to get completed. However, it describes the steps in thorough detail at a customer-oriented web platform. 

The canon TS3122 printer setup process holds the three main stages, i.e., to start canon with, setting up your printer’s Hardware, next, its configuration on your Wireless Network and the downloading and installation of the Printer Driver Software. 

After The “ij.start.canon ts3122” Process Unique Features Are Available

  1. Your iPad and iPhone get compatible with the help of AirPrint. 
  2. It also becomes convenient to print with any Mobile Device with the help of Canon Print App, 
  3. Due to its Wireless Compatibility it enables you the freedom to reach it from any place inside the Network. 
  4. It helps in the printing of borderless photos in various dimensions upto 5” * 7”.
  5. Rear Paper Support optimizes your time while refilling paper. 
  6. Provides Premium Quality results on the reckoning of Fine Hybrid Ink System. 
  7. It comes with Auto Power On/Off that helps to reach the Printer directly from anywhere on your Mobile Device within the network.
  8. The Quiet Mode enables you to perform its uses without any trouble. 

Canon TS3122 Printer Setup with ij.start.canon ts3122

Hardware Canon TS3122 Printer Setup

First and foremost, the Canon TS3122 printer setup process needs you to fix the Printer’s Hardware correctly. As the device is highly sensitive, it becomes necessary to handle the Printing Machine with complete care.

  • To start canon with this, you have to find a proper place to put your Printer. And you also have to remember that it must be within your Internet Network coverage area. Furthermore, the surface must be level and smooth.
  • Next, unbox it carefully by separating all of the packaging stuff that involves the Red/Orange Tapes.
  • Now, connect it to a safe and continuous Power Source.
  • Later, you have to turn it on. As you push the “Power” button of the Printer, it lights up its “Power Lamp”. Make sure that it is steady and green in colour.
  • Finally, it’s time to set up its “Paper Tray”. For this, you have to fill it with Paper Sheets of a specified type. As an outcome, the Printer may create some sound as its Initialization and Adjustment process will begin.
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Following the steps that are mentioned above, you have to reach its Control Panel. Here, you need to perform the canon TS3122 setup to achieve the “ij.start.canon ts3122” process.  

Connect Printer To The Network

To continue with the procedure of canon ts3122, you should attach the printer to a reliable wireless interface. This is crucial in order to enjoy the advantages of this printer that holds a lot of features. Even though this procedure is very convenient. Though, it is essential to confirm that your router is provided along with the WPS selector.

  1. Connect your Canon printer to a constant power source and turn it on.
  2. Now, hold the power button of your printer to turn it on. Make sure its power lamp is accurately stable and lit.
  3. Next, locate the wireless button of the printer. Recognizing this push-button is simple because it is notable along with a broadcast icon.
  4. You need to hold on till the respective indicator light will blink for once. Then, release 
  5. Later, this Sign Light will turn blue. 
  6. Next, you need to proceed to the router and find its WPS push-button. Hold it for a while. Though, be sure to perform it in few minutes before your final step. 
  7. As an outcome, the printer’s Indicator Lamp will begin flickering. It indicates that your printer is seeking a Network that is ready within its reach. 
  8. Consequently, both the “Power Lamp” and “Indicator Lamp” of the printer will start to blink simultaneously with each other. 
  9. So, stay till the Lamps stop flickering. Yet, they need to continue to be lit and stable. 
  10. When the flickering gets to stop, and it becomes stable, then it indicates that the printer gets connected to the available network to complete the canon TS3122 setup process. 
  11. Now, you need to check that your printer is connected to the accurate network. For this purpose, simply do a Test Print. 
  • Put the plain papers of A4 size sheet in the Printers paper tray.
  • Find the Printer’s Resume tab. Then, hold and press it till it does not make the “Indicator Lamp” blink. 
  • Hold on till it blinks upto 15 times. 
  • Make sure to accurately count the blink numbers. 
  • After this, free the button. 
  • By doing this, all the Network Details will get Printed on the Sheet that can help you further. 
  • Double-check the data assure it provides the right SSID Name for performing the canon TS3122 setup process.
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Setup The Printer Driver Software

The ij.start.canon ts3122 method is insufficient without the correct installation process of the exact printer driver pack. Hence, you need to download & install the software on your device.

Download The Printer Driver

To get the right set of Canon printer software concerning your Canon Pixma TS3122, start canon TS3122 printer setup via downloading it. For this, just visit the official website of Canon – canon.com/ijsetup”. Then open the setup page. For your printer model, you can find the setup window. With this, you will require the OS of your device. Immediately, operate through the rest of the on-screen guidance to take to the Download link. Later, snap on the corresponding “Download” key to begin downloading the operator software.

Install The Printer Driver

Proper installation is required to complete process of “ij.start.canon ts3122“. Hence, find and open the downloaded printer driver software. When you make the Security immediate pop-up box, choose the “Run” option to verify your system. Next, pick “Yes” on the following “User Account Control” window. That will look after the welcome window on the setup wizard of Canon printer. It is an automatic installer software that will manage you by the installation process in the simplest way possible. Consequently, follow the on-screen guidance carefully. That will include choosing your “place of residence” and “language”. In addition, you should confirm the terms and conditions of its “License Agreement”. Also, “Deactivate Block” on your window’s firewall settings. After that, you need to confirm your interface configuration settings.

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