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Complete Your Printer Setup | Canon.com/ijsetup – ij.start.canon

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Simple Steps for Canon Printer Unboxing and Hardware Setup

  1. The Canon printer arrives in an enclosed box, which is sealed to protect the printer parts. Bring out the printer as well as all its essential components, i.e., cables, cartridges, etc., from the box.
  2. Now, you have to unfasten all the pieces of polystyrene packaging and all the tapes. Do not forget to remove the protecting plastic from the printer’s display. 
  3. For hardware setup, the first thing you need to do is determine the power socket of the printer. Next, attach the power cable from one end to the printer’s port and the other to the wall electrical outlet. 
  4. After this, press the power button to power on the printer. Immediately, you will notice the light will turn on the printer display. 
  5. Now, you need to inject the ink tanks into the printer. For doing this, unfasten the outlet seal and the plastic covers of the cartridge that are closing the cartridge. 
  6. Lift the top lid of the canon printer, and on doing this, the printhead carriage will automatically get adjusted into its position. Bring out all the cartridges and set them in their matched slots. 
  7. Close the top lid of the printer again. Now, on doing so, you will see that the printer will start creating sounds. It shows that the installation process of the ink cartridge is done successfully. 
  8. Now, place some printing sheets into the paper tray of the printer. For doing so, remove the cover from the backside of the printer and smoothly drag out the tray. 
  9. Remove the paper guides and place pages into the printer’s feeder. Then you have to push the paper tray back and check it properly to see if it gets fit correctly or not. This is the end of your printer hardware configuration. Now head towards the ij.start.canon for driver downloading. 

Download the Compatible Driver for Your Printer via http//ij.start.cannon

  1. Switch on your computer and connect it to your preferred Wifi. Now, to keep privacy against vulnerabilities, enter a safe internet browser you have on your device. You can make a swift selection from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Edge Chromium, Safari, etc. 
  2. As http//ij.start.cannon permits you to free access to the suitable canon printer drivers for your printer. Therefore, you have to search http//ij.start.canon straight, by writing it into the address bar of your browser. It will redirect you to the home page window by pressing the Enter key. 
  3. On the home page of the http//ij.start.canon, you will able to see the Setup tab by clicking on which you will enter the Product Selection window. Therefore, click on the Setup tab, and proceed to the following step. 
  4. Once you will redirect to the product selection window, you will notice a search block in the center of your screen, which is a necessary part of the process where you have to fill in your exact product model number. So, verify the model number by checking the sticker affixed on the backside of the printer. Then, click on the Go tab. 
  5. You will be redirected to the downloading window of http//ij.start.canon on your computer. Double-check the OS system, which is selected as a default, and immediately switch it if needed to the one on which you want to download the Canon printer driver. Now, to proceed further, click on the download button. It will start the downloading of your software. 
  6. You are suggested not to switch between the windows or run different software as it is possible that it may hit the speed of the internet and block the download processing of http//ij.start.canon file. When completed, you will receive the choice to save the file in a safe folder based on your preference.
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Ways to Build a Steady Link Between Computer and Printer

As you downloaded the installation file through http //ij.start.canon, you will need to connect your Canon printer to the device. There are two different methods to install a connection that is completely based on your printer hardware blueprints. So, take a look at the two ways stated below:

Wireless Setup: If your printer is of high-level technology, it should have a wireless connection feature. So, if you want to connect your printer to the device without utilizing a cable, go to the wireless fixing screen on your printer. Choose the Wireless LAN installation Wizard, and attach it to the same WiFi to which your device is connected.

USB Connection: Yet, if your printer doesn’t have wireless features, you can utilize a USB cable for the connection. The cable is given to you along with the printer buying. Inspect the cable carefully and also verify the USB ports of both devices to evade undesired connection errors. Now, adjust one end of the USB cable to the device and the other endpoint to the printer.

Effective Steps for Printer Driver Installation

  1. Get the installation file of ij.start.canon by verifying it in the similar folder in which you saved it. Operate the file carefully by double-clicking it and quickly you will notice the Canon program foremost installer window.
  2. Verify the chosen language and region data instantly. If the information is false, update them quickly. Clicking the next option, then you will turn your printer detection window.
  3. While your printer is previously connected to the device, you will definitely view your printer name on the monitor. If not, verify the wired or wireless connection. Pick the printer and you will be taken to the software program window for http://ij.start.cannon setup.
  4. The software installation window has several checkboxes, such as Easy-Web Print EX, MP Drivers, XPS Drivers, User Manual, and many more. Point out the checkbox, click on the Next option and the License Agreement window will directly appear on your screen.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement by ticking on the yes option. Then, you can search for the Firewall window, and then you have to let the Allow checkbox support the installation of the driver. It will start the software installation procedure and when it is finished, snap on the Finish button.
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Common Printing Issues and Its Troubleshooting

After performing the driver settings through ij.start.canon, few users may face a variety of problems while the printer is working. Here is a fast model on commonly asked printer problems and its excellent ways to fix them.

No Paper Error: So turn off the printer, disconnect the cable and remove any extant difficulties from the input tray. Additionally, clean the paper feed roller with a wet and clean cloth. You may encounter this error if the filled paper is bent or wrinkled, therefore replace the paper with suitable paper. In addition, the page size you put in the tray must suit the paper size setting of the file to be printed. These points will definitely make the no paper error.

Poor Print Quality Issue: When you print paper with colored or black ink, sometimes the published page has a lot of ink spots, patches, horizontal lines, or faded documents. This problem is usually caused by dry ink, which can be easily cleaned up by running the printer’s utility program. The cannon printer will also print the unclear pages, and the installed cartridge has a small amount of ink. Consequently, replace the ink cartridge with the latest one. If the error endures, you should clarify the printheads and then print a page.

Slow Printer: There are circumstances when the printer does not work accurately and operates very slowly. The foremost reason for this error is installing high print quality. Therefore, lower the print settings to enhance the execution of your printer. It will further save on additional ink or toner costs. If the printer is still not working fast, keep the printer within range of the router and ensure that your printer is getting more reliable WiFi signals.

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