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Ij.Stárt.Cánón Sétup || Download & Install Cánón Printer Drivers || Cánón Ij Sétup

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In order to prepare a Cánón printer for the initial Sétup, you can read the detailed process below. The method shared below will let you Sét up your Cánón printer and help you download the printer drivers from the website Ij.Start.Cánón. If you are a new Cánón printer buyer, go to Ij.Starhttps://ij.start.canont.Cánón and download the drivers.

How to Sét Up a Cánón Printer


If you want to Sét up your new Cánón printer from the beginning, you can follow the instructions below. Apart from this, you can download the latest version of Cánón printer drivers from the mentioned link Ij.Start.Cánón. Let’s get started and Sét up your Cánón printer.

  1. Unwrap the printer box to take the Cánón printer out of the printer box.
  2. Remove the labels and tapes carefully without causing any damage to the printer.
  3. When the unboxing is finished, you are to keep your Cánón printer on the plain surface.
  4. Take the power cord out.
  5. Attach the power cord to the wall socket and turn on your Cánón printer by hitting the Power button.
  6. The next thing you should do is install the ink cartridges and load papers in the paper tray of your Cánón printer.
  7. Adjust the paper Séttings as per the media type.
  8. Download the Cánón printer drivers from the link Ij.Start.Cánón, finish the installation process by launching the file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. That’s how you can carry out the process to Sét up your Cánón printer easily.

How to Download Drivers for Cánón Printer from Ij.Start.Cánón

The instructions below will make it easy for you to download the printer drivers. All you have to do is just go to Ij.Start.Cánón and follow the instructions:

  1. Open a web browser on your system and then go to Ij.Start.Cánón.
  2. When you reach the homepage, you need to choose the drivers for the printer model you have.
  3. Simply select the Cánón printer model, and then hit OK.
  4. The steps mentioned above will quickly redirect you to the Drivers & Download page.
  5. Click on Cánón printer drivers and then hit the Download button.
  6. Wait until the download is finished.
  7. After downloading the drivers from the provided website Ij.Start.Cánón Sétup, you need to install the downloaded drivers.
  8. When the download is finished, you can start printing.
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How to Connect Your Ij.Start.Cánón Printer to Android Smartphone

When you have completed the task of downloading the drivers for your Cánón printer model from the link Ij.Start.Cánón, you can go ahead and connect your Android smartphone to your Cánón printer. Follow the instructions in the same way as explained below:

  1. Before carrying out the procedure, make sure to download the drivers from Ij.Start.Cánón and install them.
  2. Now, you need to go to the Google Play Store to download the Cánón PRINT app.
  3. Keep the printer turned on.
  4. When the download is complete, you need to open the Cánón PRINT app.
  5. Click on the Add Printer and then click on the Register printer.
  6. Now, tap on the Printer Sétup and then click on the Connect via wireless router.
  7. Select the network you plan to establish a connection to
  8. Enter the right password in the provided empty field and then tap on the OK button.
  9. Finally, you need to select the Cánón printer model from the list of printers showing up on your Android smartphone and then tap the OK button to complete the connection Sétup.
  10. Before you do the process, you need to ensure that you download the drivers according to the OS of your system and your Cánón printer model from Ij.Start.Cánón.
  11. Now, you can print wirelessly with your Android smartphone.


Q1. How can I troubleshoot the ink error message on my Cánón printer?

Ans: The issue generally occurs when the ink is low or almost empty.  Simply hold down your Ij.Start.Cánón printer’s RESUME button, STOP/RESÉT button for about 15 seconds. The issue will be fixed.

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Q2. What is causing my Cánón printer to print blurry pages?

Ans. You may face the same situation when the printhead on your Cánón printer is dirty. Clean the printhead or adjust the print quality. If the problem is caused due to outdated drivers, you can download drivers from the site Ij.Start.Cánón.

Q3. Why is my Cánón printer printing smudged or distorted printouts?

Ans. If your Ij.Start.Cánón printer is printing smudged or distorted printouts, it may be due to the clogged printhead. Unclog the printhead to fix the issue or update the drivers.