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Canon.com/ijsetup – Download and Setup Canon

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Ij.start.canon | Install or Setup Canon Drivers and Manuals

Disclaimer: This website ( ij.start.canon ) is only a guide for users to understand the process to Download, Install drivers and set up Canon printer, we do not have any affiliations from Canon printer and any other company related to printers.

Go to ij.start.canon to set up and install Canon printer drivers on your device. To learn how to set up, install and update the Canon printer’s utility, visit Canon’s official website ij.start.canon and go through the below-mentioned procedures.

Procedure to Install and set up Canon Printer Wirelessly via ij.start.canon

ij start canon

If you wish to know the steps to install and set up a canon printer wirelessly, read these steps mentioned below. These steps will help you set up your Canon printer through ij.start.canon.

  1. Check the status of your printer’s network.
  2. Next, click Set up on ij.start.canon.
  3. Now, type your Canon printer model on the ij.start.canon website.
  4. Afterward, from the Start menu, choose “Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone.”
  5. Click “Download” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Afterward, click-twice the setup.exe installer file to start the installation process.
  7. Continue the installation by clicking Start Setup.
  8. Then, click on the wireless router under Wireless LAN Connection.
  9. Next, Push the WiFi button on your Canon printer at the same time.
  10. Press Wireless LAN setup using the right or left arrows.
  11. Then, on your wireless router, select WPS and push the WPS button.
  12. Your Canon printer is now connected wirelessly if the Wi-Fi flash becomes stable.
  13. Finally, select your Canon printer model from the list displayed on the installation window. After that, finish setting up the Canon printer wirelessly.
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Procedure to Uninstall ij.start.canon Drivers

To know the steps to uninstall and reinstall ij.start.canon drivers, read these steps.

  1. First, From the Start menu, choose ‘Programs‘ or ‘All Programs.’
  2. Next, choose ‘Uninstall‘ after selecting the printer driver you want to uninstall.
  3. Then, hit ‘OK’ when the confirmation message appears.
  4. The progress of the uninstallation is shown in a window. Now, you need to wait until the message “Uninstall successfully completed” displays.
  5. Afterward, click ‘OK’ when the message appears.
  6. The ij.start.canon driver has now been successfully uninstalled.

Procedure to Reinstall ij.start.canon Drivers

Know the steps to reinstall ij.start.canon drivers.

  1. Check that the printer is turned off first.
  2. Next, insert the CD that came with the device. (The installer launches automatically and displays the following window.). You can also download the drivers from ij.start.canon.
  3. Now, on the left side of the window, select ‘Printer Driver’ and click ‘Install.’ (A dialog window for the Printer Port appears).
  4. Then, the manual is initially installed.
  5. Afterward, check to see if the printer and device are connected, and then switch on the printer.
  6. While automatic recognition is being completed, the Printer port window will be displayed. (The window will automatically close after automatic recognition is complete.).
  7. The message below appears when the ij.start.canon driver installation is complete. (The manual and printer driver installation, as well as the system setting adjustment, are now complete.).
  8. ‘Ok’ should be clicked now.
  9. To restart the device, click ‘Yes.’

Procedure to Download a Canon Printer Update Utility from ij.start.canon

Find the steps on how to download a Canon printer update utility.

  1. First, go to ij.start.canon and then Select Drivers & Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, select Firmware from the drop-down menu. Then, to the right of the relevant firmware update file, click the Select button. To indicate that you agree to the conditions of the Disclaimer, tick the box.
  3. Now, Save the file to your device’s hard drive by clicking Download.
  4. Then, open the downloaded file and expand it.
  5. The next step is to “Performing the Firmware Update.”
  6. Finally, the printer update utility has been downloaded via ij.start.canon.
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canon ij setup

Procedure to Install or Replace Ink Cartridges in a Canon PIXMA Printer

Install or replace ink cartridges in a Canon PIXMA printer by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. First, check that your Canon PIXMA printer is turned on.
  2. Next, to access the cartridge carriage, open the printer’s lid.
  3. Then, to release the ink cartridge from its safety lock, apply pressure and push down on it.
  4. Afterward, you can safely remove the used ink cartridge from the slot after you hear a click.
  5. Now, pull the new replacement cartridge from its packing, making sure that any plastic clips or safety tape that may be blocking the cartridge are removed.
  6. Slant the fresh ink cartridge into the cartridge slot until it fits perfectly.
  7. To securely lock the cartridge in place, apply pressure and push it down on the front of the cartridge.
  8. Finally, close the Canon PIXMA printer’s lid.


Q: What are the steps to add a Canon printer driver?

Go to the link ij.start.canon. First, open the print management. Click Print Servers in the left pane, then the applicable print server, and finally Drivers in the right pane. “Add Driver is a button that you should click. Next, it will take you to the “Add Printer Driver Wizard.”

Q: How can I download an ij.start.canon driver?

Drivers for a Canon Inkjet Printer are available for download. Collect the necessary data. Visit the Canon website ij.start.canon. Go to the appropriate page to get the driver for your printer. In the Service and Support column on the left, select “Support and Drivers.

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Q: What is the procedure for uninstalling a Canon printer?

At the bottom left of the screen, select Start. Uninstall the software using the Control Panel menu. In the list, look for Canon My Printer, right-click it, and select Uninstall. To complete the removal, follow the procedure.

Q: What is the procedure for uninstalling a Canon printer driver?

In the left pane, select the “Drivers” option. This will display a list of all printer drivers that are currently installed on your device. Select “Remove Driver Package” from the drop-down menu that appears when you right-click the Canon printer driver. This will uninstall all of your Canon printer’s drivers.

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